Receive credit card payments with PCI-DSS Security Standards

Payment Manager

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Do you wish to enhance your business with Octorate?

Secure payments, easy bookings

The Payment Manager is more than just a mere virtual POS

It’s an integrated system that combines all the advantages of a digital payment platform with all the functions to manage and simplify online operations and invoicing

The secure online payment gateway provided by Octorate allows you to save up to 40% on commission costs

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Avoid frauds and increase profits

Credit card verification in real time will avoid no-shows and frauds, saving time and increasing revenue
Moreover, offering your clients a certified payment system will improve fidelization and will increase your direct bookings

A higher conversion rate will allow you to reduce commission costs remarkably

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  • Credit Card verification
  • Pre-authorization hold
  • Virtual POS
  • Real time currency converter
  • Digital receipts
  • Search and display online operations
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Natively integrated in Octorate


  • Avoid personal data violation
  • Protect your Brand reputation
  • Certify transactions with PCI DSS Level 1 security standards



  • Online payments in one click
  • Save time and expenses
  • Retain your customers

Not only total control over online payments, Octorate will allow you to improve your online visibility, to manage all distribution channels and to increase direct bookings, thanks to a Booking Engine module that is responsive and customizable

Payment Gateway Virtual POS
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